OneNationUnder? One Nation Under?
The first major film by our studio has been finished.  We are currently in the process of editing, scoring, and tweaking the final product.  Stay tuned for updates and the debut of the film in theaters sometime in the near future.
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Cast photos, characters, and info
Det. Wilkes (Josh Mason) is carefree, jovial, and an entertaining cop that can be a "public relations" nightmare.
Det. Reins (Giles Key) is hard boiled, mean spirited, and has been labeled a "loose cannon".
The Chief (Eric Palmer) is a pompous and arrogant loud mouth.  He could care less about what happens in the city.  His thoughts are only about his money and his crew.
Det. Willis (Trono Hudgins) is the Chief's top enforcer.  He has an "alpha male" mentality and keeps all the other officers in line.
The Wild Bunch consists of Det. Woods (Javon Anderson) and Dozier (Lawerence Barzda).  They form the most "lethal" of the Chiefs enforcers.  Their job is to put the "squeeze" on local drug dealers and keep the money flowing back to the Chief.
D.A. Penelope (Alesia Simmons) is just the help our main characters need in solving the riddle of the "Goblin lady".
Ricky (Cristen Adams) is "middle management" for the drug trade in the city.
Mahoney (Cris Love) is part of the Chief's crew.  He is part of the group because it is "better" to be with them than against them.
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Story line

The story of the Goblin lady begins with two detectives Reins and Wilkes as they look into the mysterious disappearances of multiple children within the city of Detroit.  They first believe the suspect to be a serial killer that stalks an 8 block radius within the city.  But further evidence suggest that what they are really on the hunt for is an ancient evil that has terrorized the city for well over 85 years.

The Goblin lady is headed up by some of the best actors in and around the Metro Detroit area.  Stay tuned for upcoming special dates in the near future.
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