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One Nation Under? Das unheimliche (Volume 2)

Judah is dead....but the Enlightened Ones didn't break. The group that we thought was run by a few radicals turns out to have connections to yet another cult called "The Order". To make things worse, the Order is run by some of the world's most powerful nations. The nightmare continues and sees a new hero rise from the ashes. Mal and his team are overwhelmed and outnumbered by hellish forces the likes of which the modern age has never seen. A former Mason, a Christian, and a Muslim are all that stand against the wrath of an empire.

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One Nation Under? Director's Cut  (Volume 1)

A powerful political family has raised yet another contender for an upcoming presidential race. The music world’s most famous musician is killed in an attempt to keep him quiet. The Nation is on a manhunt for a very determined reporter.

Join in Joshua’s quest to find the connection between Judah and the nefarious group known only as “The Enlightened Ones”, as he seeks to stop their plot to tear apart the very fabric of the veil.
At his side, he is helped by a well respected FBI agent and a charismatic Priest, who help pave the way for this intricate tale of cat and mouse.

As his life hangs in the balance;

Ideologies will collide; friendships will be tested, and a nation will cry out for answers in this its darkest hour.

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