Avarice Productions is a full fledged film company that specializes in independent films, student films, and films of all budgets and sizes.
Our company was formed in June of 2010.  The team that consisted of both Giles and Craig was formed to help revitalize the movie industry in the Metro Detroit area.  Furthermore, the company had the foresight to build a solid product and reputation amid the budding talent in the great state of Michigan.  With productions such as "The Goblin Lady", "One Nation Under?", and "Two Weeks Notice" Avarice Productions is positioned to be the predominate film company in the state.

Avarice Productions has collaborated with Commonality Productions Studios on our first film.  We look to further our influence by working with all up and coming actors, production studios, and companies looking for a professional production studio that is focused upon making relationships work.

Email us at AvariceProductions@gmail.com

About Us